Empowering women within our supply chain and beyond

At Diageo we are passionate about our role in society and we have a proud history in women’s empowerment.


We strive to empower women throughout our value chain to play an equal role in the economy and society - from the small holder farmers who grow the crops that make our products, to the women who serve our brands to consumers all over the world.

Our women’s empowerment programmes have supported over 390,000 women to date through initiatives such as education and skills training. In 2018 alone, our community programmes reached over 164,000 women.

This year’s International Women’s Day centres around the theme of creating a more gender balanced world. As part of this global celebration we wanted to showcase the stories of a handful of women from the communities where we operate around the world and shine a spotlight on their achievements.

Luisa Adriana – Diageo Learning for Life graduate from Peru and aspiring mixologist

Luisa Adriana Basurto Reyes grew up with her family in Callao, Lima (Peru), a city with high rates of poverty, drug misuse, trafficking and crime. Upon completing high school, Luisa immediately started work as a waitress in order to provide additional income for her family.

Through her friend she was introduced to the Diageo Learning for Life programme – a global initiative designed to inspire and transform the lives of people throughout the communities in which we operate.

Luisa successfully applied to enrol on the course, where she took part in a four-week training course that provided her with practical and soft skills that would help her secure a job following the programme.

Despite managing a part time job and study, Luisa completed the training in full and quickly became a standout student.

As a result of participating in the course Luisa not only improved her professional and practical skills within the hospitality sector but also learnt to work collaboratively as part of a team.

Her outstanding ability resulted in Luisa being recruited to work at Osaka, one of the best Nikkei restaurants in Lima where she currently works as a bartender. Luisa has great ambitions to one day become a head bartender.

Jackline Auma - Heshima programme graduate turned electrician apprentice

Jackline Auma is a lady from Kisumu City which is in Kenya’s Kisumu County. She was recruited into the Heshima Programme to do a short course in Electrical Installations. Jackline comes from an extremely humble background in which she and her family suffered abject poverty.

Unable to proceed with her studies after primary school, she had to look for ways to generate income to support her family. She took on a number of temporary jobs around the city as well as avoiding offers of work for illicit industries.

Project Heshima operates in 10 counties and provides vocational training to thousands of young people and women in Kenya at risk of consuming or producing illicit brews.

Jackline stumbled into the Heshima Programme while visiting a Constituency Development Fund (CDF) office within the city, where she undertook a course in electrical applications. Following the programme, Jackline is now working as an electrician’s apprentice in Kisumu and aspires to become the next go-to electrician in Kisumu County in the next few years.

Over 1400 students have gone through the programme since it began.

You can find out more on how we’re empowering women through our supply chain here.