EDGE: data and analytics accelerating sales in outlets in the United States


In the United States, we have collected more than two million data points over the last two years

We are using new technologies and advanced analytics to unlock growth by transforming our understanding of customers, consumers and shoppers. Our suite of ‘Every Day Great Execution’ (EDGE) technology tools capture in-store data and, through predictive analytics, revolutionise our ability to offer the right brands, in the right outlets, in the right way. This means we can work with customers so that each outlet has specific standards and recommendations that help boost incremental sales.

For example, our TRAX technology uses image recognition to analyse a picture of the inside of a store, then automatically identifies products, shelf placement, display, price and more. We can then generate scorecards based on these key performance indicators and provide targeted recommendations via our advanced analytics team on how to improve in each area. This information helps us and our customers.

In the United States, we have collected more than four million data points over the last two years. And the programme is producing results. Since we embedded EDGE in early 2019, we’ve seen average volume in outlets that have adopted our recommendations grow three times faster than non-participating outlets. We are now expanding our use of EDGE to new markets.