Don Julio Tequila recognised for commitment to sustainability

Our Don Julio Agave farm in Mexico has been awarded the highest possible ranking for its rigorous commitment to sustainable agriculture practices.


Our Don Julio Agave Farm is the first agave plantation to receive the highest score of ‘100% Gold’, using the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA).

The FSA assesses farm sustainability across a range of areas including the environment, fair business practices and human rights, with the aim of supporting food and drink companies around the world to produce, sell and source more and more sustainably grown agricultural products.

Every drop of Don Julio Tequila comes from the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, home to our Don Julio Agave farm.

Here over 250 fields yield agave plants that are harvested in the making of Don Julio Tequila and this achievement recognises our commitment to promoting sustainable agricultural practices across our 5,214 hectare Don Julio farm and beyond.

Don Julio Agave Tequila Farm

Once harvested, piñas are hand-cut into thirds or quarters and then slowly steam-cooked in traditional masonry ovens for three days

Our vision is to make our agricultural supply chains economically, socially and environmentally sustainable from grain to glass. That means:

  • Securing a supply for our business, while contributing to economic and wider growth of the communities in which we operate
  • Respecting human rights, building capacity, and creating shared value with farming communities
  • Using resources efficiently, minimising environmental impact, and safeguarding future crop capacity and ecosystems

Our people and brands have always had longstanding and positive relationships with farmers, on whose raw materials we rely, and we are committed to promoting sustainable agricultural practices across our supply chain.

Sustainable Agriculture Guidelines

We are committed to promoting sustainable agricultural practices across our supply chain.

In June 2018, we published our updated Sustainable Agriculture Guidelines (SAG) which we have aligned with SAI Platform’s tool for assessing on-farm sustainability; the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA); in order to minimise the burden of compliance on our suppliers and instead allow them to focus on making impactful improvements in farming practices.

The Farm Sustainability Assessment

The Farm Sustainability Assessment SAI platform is a food and beverage industry organisation dedicated to promoting sustainable agriculture in the food chain.

The Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) tool was created to evaluate, measure and monitor sustainability practices within supply chains.