Discover how Plan W has empowered 115,000 women in 15 countries

Diageo’s commitment to diversity and inclusion goes well beyond our company. While we are proud that 40% of Diageo’s Executive Committee are women and that we are well on our way to achieving 30% of senior leadership positions held by women, we want to build a world for everyone to grow and thrive.


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Launched in 2012, Plan W is part of Diageo’s 2020 Sustainability & Responsibility targets which aims to build thriving communities and make a positive contribution to society. Through Plan W, our goal is to empower two million women across all socio-economic profiles by 2017, giving them opportunities to learn and develop skills.

To date, Plan W has impacted the lives of over 115,000 women, through new skills, opportunities and resources. The initiatives have created a positive ripple effect, indirectly benefiting over 450,000 family and community members connected to the women who have been empowered across 15 countries. See how we are changing lives through an inspirational new film.

Within our own business, diversity and inclusion is seen as a strategic priority, and with women represented across our entire value chain, from employees, to farmers and suppliers, customers as well as consumers and communities, our aim is to grow the talent, skills and capability of the women throughout our entire value chain.

When women have access to education and learning, there is a powerful ripple effect that positively impacts society around them, and to run a successful business, it is our duty to generate shared value, to be good citizens where we can, every day, everywhere.

Our four key areas of focus for Plan W include:

  • Our Company: ensuring a diverse and equitable workforce
  • Our Industry: delivering targeted skills training to women in hospitality to improve their knowledge and job prospects
  • Our Communities: working with partners, to train women in marginalized communities, helping them to obtain jobs and start businesses
  • Our Consumers: raising awareness among consumers

“I am so proud of the work that we do through Plan W, building awareness and making a difference.”

Sam Fischer
Sam Fischer

President Greater China and Asia