Diageo secures 20 million pledges never to drink and drive

Diageo has secured over 20 million pledges never to drink and drive through its global drink driving prevention programme #JoinThePact. In a bid to reduce drink driving globally, Diageo has an ambition to collect 50 million pledges to never drink and drive by 2025.


Diageo started the #JoinThePact campaign in 2008 as part of its efforts to tackle drink driving around the world. Since launching the campaign, which is supported by Johnnie Walker’s sponsorship of Formula 1 partnerships and fronted by two times Formula 1 world champion, Mika Häkkinen, has activated in over forty countries across five continents.

While more than 20 million adults around the world have already committed to never drink and drive, there is still more to be done. According to the World Health Organisation’s 2018 Global Status Report on Road Safety, it is estimated that 5–35% of all road deaths are reported as alcohol related globally.

Kate Gibson, Director of Diageo in Society commented: “I am delighted by the progress our #JoinThePact initiative has made to date and our ambitious target to collect 50 million pledges never to drink and drive shows our tireless determination to make progress on reducing drinking and driving. We believe that a single death caused by drinking and driving is one too many and each one can be prevented.”

F1 car displaying Join the Pact logo

2019 alone has seen a host of activity take place worldwide to tackle alcohol misuse:

  • In June 2019 Mika Häkkinen visited the Johnnie Walker flagship retail store in Madrid to raise awareness around the risks associated with drink driving
  • Over 70,000 commitments to never drink and drive were made during the German Grand Prix in July
  • April saw the successful launch of #JoinThePact in Thailand with more than 25,000 pledges made in the first four months of the initiative going live
  • August kicked off the inaugural launch of #JoinThePact at the 150th Galway Races in Ireland

Mika Häkkinen commented: “It is fantastic to see the support for the #JoinThePact Never Drink & Drive campaign. As an ambassador for the campaign, I’m delighted that 20 million people from around the world have made a commitment to never drink and drive. I look forward to continuing the hard work and raising awareness of this important message.”

Representatives launching drink driving initiative in the Dominican Republic

United Nations Institute for Training and Research

The last few months have seen Diageo support the implementation of a number of programmes led by the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR).

Since 2016 Diageo has partnered with the UNITAR to build institutional and individual capacity to reduce traffic death and injuries and improve road safety. In 2018 this partnership was extended to include the implementation of a global High Visibility Enforcement (HVE) programme, which would be rolled out over two years in five countries.

July saw the roll out of this HVE campaign in the Dominican Republic, where 25 police officers from the National Safety Agency for Transit and Transport participated in a three-day workshop for law enforcement officers. Last month also saw UNITAR and Diageo collaborate with the Government of Brasilia, to host a Road Safety International conference. This activity resulted in a Memorandum of Understanding being signed with the aim of tackling drinking and driving in Brazil.

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