Diageo's Reserve portfolio crowned best-performing collection of spirits by the 'world's best bars'

For the third year in a row, Diageo's Reserve portfolio has been named as the best-performing collection of spirit brands in Drinks International's Brands Report.


Judged by the world's leading bar and spirits experts, the Brands Report 2018 ranks the best-selling spirits products and provides an insight into the brands trending around the world with the 'Trending List'. 

Diageo's Reserve brands were highly commended with Tanqueray crowned as the expert's favourite spirit for the second year running.

Line-up of Tanqueray bottles

Tanqueray - voted favourite spirit by the 'world's best bars'

Tanqueray was also named the number one best-selling gin, while Ketel One ranked as the best-selling vodka for the sixth year in a row and the top trending vodka for the fourth year. Bulleit Bourbon took best-selling and top trending American Whisky for the third consecutive year. 

Ketel One bottle and mixed drink

Ketel One - ranked as the best selling vodka for six years

Success across the Reserve portfolio saw Johnnie Walker named best-selling Scotch for the ninth year in a row, Don Julio as the best-selling tequila for the third year in a row and Zacapa listed as one of the top three best-trending rums. 

Johnnie Walker bottle on bar

Johnnie Walker - named best-selling Scotch for the ninth consecutive year

“It is extremely encouraging to see our portfolio continuing to be so successful and globally recognised by such a prestigious report as the Drinks International Brands Report 2018. The group that determine this report – the best spirit experts and bartenders from across the world – are at the front line of the industry and are perfectly positioned to understand the buying habits of our customers. I’m therefore delighted by the results and, as we begin 2018, it places us in a strong position for the year ahead.”

Cristina Diezhandino
Cristina Diezhandino

Diageo Reserve Managing Director

Hamish Smith, Deputy Editor of Drinks International Magazine said: "According to the results of Drinks International's Brands Report 2018, Diageo's Reserve Brands portfolio, the best-performing collection of spirits in the report, continues to dominate many of the key spirit categories in the best bars around the world. Ketel One has been named the best-selling vodka in our poll of elite bars six years straight, a feat Tanqueray has now managed in the gin category for a fifth time.

"Bulleit and Don Julio have a hat-trick of wins in their respective categories and then there is Johnnie Walker. In the nine years Drinks International has been polling the world's best bars, Johnnie Walker has uninterrupted status as the best-selling scotch. This year is another impressive performance that underlines Diageo's aptitude for building bar brands.”   

You can find the list of results in full here.

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