Diageo North America’s Environmental Business Resource Group rolls out Tree Planting Program

Tree Planting Program in place in more than 40 sites across the Americas, to raise awareness around environmental sustainability.


Members of Diageo North America’s environmental Business Resource Group (BRG) have coordinated tree planting ceremonies at 44 Diageo sites across North America, Latin America and South America. This BRG, in support of Diageo’s environmental sustainability targets, raises awareness of environmental sustainability and promotes “green” thinking in the workplace and at home.

A diverse selection of sites participated, including the United States, Canada, US Virgin Islands, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Columbia, Costa Rica, Dominica, Guatemala, Panama, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Brazil. Trees were chosen based on what was appropriate in each location, such as a Sugar Maple in the United States, Azaleas in Mexico and a Northern White Cedar in Canada.

Jeff Katz, Global Procurement IT Projects Director, and a member of the Environmental Business Resource Group, commented that; “The Tree Planting Program started as a great way to connect with our sites across North America, South America and the Caribbean and support Diageo’s environmental sustainability mission. The activation and commitment across our plants and office sites was outstanding.”

Reducing the company’s environmental impact is not only important for the planet and the communities in which Diageo operates, it is essential for achieving the company’s broader sustainability targets throughout the globe. Diageo is committed to minimizing environmental impact across its operations, and is working to extend environmental standards throughout the supply chain. Business Resource Groups such as this one help bring Diageo’s Sustainability and Responsibility targets and efforts to life for Diageo employees. Learn more about Diageo’s 2020 Environmental Sustainability targets here.