Diageo launches new plastics targets for 2025 and beyond

Diageo has announced an ambitious set of targets for our use of plastics. These include that 100% of plastics used should be widely recyclable by 2025 and plastic bottles should be made of 100% recycled content by 2030


Sustainable Packaging

The new plastics targets build on almost a decade long commitment to making our packaging more sustainable – principally through increasing recycled content, reducing packaging weight and increasing recyclability.

Packaging is key to maintaining the safety, quality and presentation of our brands so we think very carefully about the different material options we can use. Currently under 5% of our packaging is plastic and the vast majority, approximately 90%, is glass. These targets are part of our broader commitment to minimising the environmental impact of our business.

Global Targets for 2025

  • Ensure 100% of our plastics use is designed to be widely recyclable (or reusable/compostable), using plastics that allow for increased consumer recycling rates
  • Achieve 40% average recycled content in our plastic bottles - and 100% by 2030 
  • Continue to invest in circular economy opportunities and other sustainable packaging breakthroughs
  • Accelerate our support for recycling by increasing collaboration, particularly where we have influence, and engaging with Governments, peers and consumers to facilitate improved recycling

We are also determined to advocate for and drive increased investment in recycling in markets where we operate, particularly where the recycling industry is in early stages of development such as Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia and South Africa.

“Our new ambitious plastics targets build on almost a decade long commitment to making our packaging more sustainable. Whilst plastics represent less than 5% of our packaging, we’re committed to ensuring that 100% of the plastic we do use is widely recyclable and that we achieve 100% recycled content in our plastic bottles. We know we cannot do this alone and we look forward to collaborating with our packaging suppliers, industry peers and government leaders to innovate and find transformative r”

David Cutter
David Cutter

President of Global Supply and Procurement

These plastics targets will be integrated into our comprehensive approach to managing the environmental impact of our packaging - and our Diageo Sustainability & Responsibility 2020 Targets. For more information, see the Diageo Supplementary Guideline on Plastics and our Sustainable Packaging Commitments.