Diageo launches new AI Whisky Selector to help people discover their favourite Single Malt Scotch

‘What’s Your Whisky’ uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyse people's flavour preferences and matches them with their perfect whisky.


'What's Your Whisky' is an innovative digital experience which can be accessed via any mobile or internet-connected device. On launching the experience, people are asked eleven questions to understand their individual flavour preferences, such as “how often do you eat bananas?” and “how do you feel about chillies?”.

Using new artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, ‘What’s Your Whisky’ analyses people's preferences for a variety of sweet, fruity, spicy and smoky flavours found in Single Malt whiskies to create their personal “Flavour Print” and recommend a Single Malt whose flavour profile most closely matches the individual's taste. 

‘What’s Your Whisky’ helps people to find their perfect whisky, based on their preferences for certain flavours

‘What’s Your Whisky’ helps people to find their perfect whisky, based on their preferences for certain flavours

The whisky selector experience is launching in nine European countries (GB, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands) and will be available in 6 languages.

Find your Single Malt whisky match at www.whatsyourwhisky.com or look out for QR codes which can be found in a selection of bars, restaurants and shops.

“We are using our extensive consumer knowledge, whisky expertise gathered over hundreds of years and cutting-edge AI to help consumers discover, explore and enjoy Scotch in new and exciting ways.”

Dr Adeline Koay

Principal Scientist, Research and Development

““The ‘What’s Your Whisky’ mobile experience allows consumers to explore a wide range of our Single Malts in a personalised and completely new way. We’re excited to roll this out at scale and help many thousands of people find their perfect Whisky based on the innovative FlavorPrint® AI technology.””

Andy Parton

Senior Regional Manager

Digital Innovation

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