Diageo employees to join Drink Positive conversation and promote responsible drinking

We’re sharing stories of employees who promote a positive role for alcohol in society


Diageo has a proud heritage of striving to ensure people have positive experiences with alcohol. Reducing alcohol-related harm is something we’re dedicated to, as is providing consumers with the information and tools they need to make informed choices about drinking, or not drinking.

As we re-energise our efforts to promote moderation and tackle misuse – encouraging people around the world to Drink Positive – we’ll be putting our colleagues at the heart of the mission.

For the next six months, we’ll be celebrating the stories of Diageo employees who fully leverage their skillset to contribute to our goal. For example, Senior Brand Manager Ciara Keenan, who worked on Haig Club’s recent #LeaveAsYouArrived advertising campaign. This campaign showed what responsible drinking means to model and actress Suki Waterhouse and social media phenomenon Jasmine Saunders, reaching millennials and reinforcing the aspirational aspects of moderation.

We’ll also shine a light on the people behind the innovation projects that are enabling responsible drinking. Mary Waireri, Consumer & Cultural Insights Manager in the Africa Innovation team, helps to develop quality drinks for African consumers that are responsibly produced, safer and affordable, in turn weakening the market for illicit alcohol.

And we’ll be showcasing employees who helped mastermind initiatives that encourage people to make positive choices. Sari Brecher, Public Relations & Entertainment Marketing Director for North America, was part of the team that created Decisions. This immersive virtual reality experience allows people to experience first-hand the repercussions of getting behind the wheel after a night of excessive drinking. It has received over 14 million views to date.

“In sharing these stories, we hope to inspire our 30,400 employees worldwide to live our alcohol in society mission through their day jobs. We’ll be encouraging them to share their own Drink Positive stories, to demonstrate to their colleagues how each of them can make an impact. This is the beginning of an exciting conversation for us, one that I hope will encourage more people within our business and beyond to join us in promoting moderation and tackling misuse.”

Carolyn Panzer
Carolyn Panzer

Global Director of Alcohol in Society for Diageo