Diageo 2012 – Meta Abo Brewery and Ypióca Cachaça acquisitions marks the addition of two more exceptional brands

On 17 December 2017, Diageo turns 20 years old. To celebrate this milestone Diageo is looking back over 20 years of its history and highlighting memorable moments since it was formed back in December 1997. In 2012 Diageo acquired the Meta Abo Brewery in Ethiopia as well as Ypióca Cachaça in Brazil.


In 2012, Diageo acquired the Meta Abo Brewery in Ethiopia, the second largest beer company at the time. 2012 also saw Diageo acquire Ypióca Cachaça, the leading premium cachaça brand in Brazil, with a 160 year heritage.

Man holding a bottle of Meta

The acquisitions, alongside others, provided Diageo with local brands and routes to market in emerging countries. The impact of both has been significant.

Since Diageo's acquisition of Meta Abo Brewery in January 2012, the company has adhered to a clear strategy with the aim of transforming the brewing industry in Ethiopia. Diageo has invested in Meta Abo employees with training and skills development; supported local communities through provision of clean water and formed close partnerships with local farmers; re-launched the Meta brand and now tripled capacity at the brewery, providing a strong platform for future growth of Meta Abo.