Championing the Sustainable Development Goals

We’re one of 17 global companies joining forces under a new coalition called the “Business Avengers” to highlight the crucial role businesses have to play in hitting the targets of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (Global Goals) by 2030.


With 10 years left to deliver the Global Goals for Sustainable Development – agreed to by every UN nation in 2015 – we're proud to join a group of 17 companies who have pledged to champion the Global Goals.

The "Business Avengers" includes Arm, Avanti Communications, The Coca-Cola Company, Commvault, Diageo,, Mars Inc, Mastercard, Microsoft Corp., Nike, RB, SAP,, and Unilever

Today’s announcement is a step in the direction to accelerate progress before the Global Day of Action, on 25th September 2020, where global leaders will return and report on the steps they have taken to advance sustainability, prosperity, equality and opportunity for all.

The announcement comes as Project Everyone, Action for Sustainable Development (A4SD), Restless Development, SDG Action Campaign, the UN, and UN Foundation, invite citizens, organizations, and leaders to come together to make 2020 as a year of activism to help shift the world onto a path to deliver the Goals by 2030.

Our Role in Society

Our priorities are guided by the issues that are most material to our business and the value chain we create. From the farmers who grow our ingredients, to our employees and contractors, to the consumers who buy our brands, we want to make sure we are a positive influence on society and the environment.

Our 2020 Sustainability and Responsibility targets provide a framework to measure and track our progress, as well as ensure we are actively contributing to the achievement of the UN Global Goals.

We believe one of the best ways we can contribute to communities is by engaging others to become advocates for causes important to them and their stakeholders. Joining forces with governments, NGOs, suppliers, local communities and our consumers means we can make an even greater contribution to socio-economic development around the world.