​​Celebrating responsibly over the festive period​

​The festive period is an important one for our business and encouraging people to celebrate responsibly is a priority for us during this busy time.


Group of people toasting scotch

At the end of 2016, Carolyn Panzer, our global Alcohol in Society Director, visited an area of London that has seen a decline in anti-social behaviour and crime despite a dramatic rise in the number of night time visitors, thanks to a partnership approach supported by Diageo. She was accompanied by BBC World Service Radio.

Carolyn and the BBC spent a busy Friday night in the run up to Christmas on Clapham High Street, meeting with Diageo partners including London Metropolitan Police, bars and nightclubs, voluntary organisations such as the Street Pastors and the local Business Improvement District, This Is Clapham.

Reflecting on the experience, Carolyn commented: “Being out on a busy high street on a Friday night reminded me of the importance of promoting a vibrant and safe nightlife – and how our work benefits our business, our customers, our consumers and society.

You can listen to the BBC programme about the evening spent in Clapham at http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p04mn96x

“Clapham is a great success story and was dependent on building a strong local coalition of partners. I am hugely proud of our work with partners to promote vibrant night-time economies in cities around the world.”

Celebrating responsibly is something that matters to all our employees, and our colleagues in India produced a short video in December to share how they plan to bring this core Diageo value to life during the festive period.

Drink Driving is another major concern for us during the festive season, throughout the world we have partnered with the likes of the traffic police, taxi companies, and local transportation authorities to promote safe rides home throughout the holiday season.

For example, in Hungary we received 10,000 people pledges to not drink and drive as result of our awareness campaign throughout Budapest. In Taiwan, we created an engaging video in partnership with the Ministry of Transport and taxi associations to promote safe rides and shared it through several media outlets including social media.

In Mozambique, we provided alcohol education training to the traffic police as well as amplifying our “Don’t Drink & Drive” messages throughout the country in partnership with local government. In Scotland, our Johnnie Walker Join The Pact film was shown on jumbo screens throughout Edinburgh City Centre to promote our sponsorship of free buses to get 18,000 people home safely on New Year's Eve.