Celebrating innovation in brewing this International Stout Day

Guinness, together with guest brewers and a host of experts from around the world, will celebrate bravery in brewing by hosting a Future of Stout Summit, focused on stout innovation and the opportunities in brewing this unique style of beer.


The summit aims to push the boundaries in brewing stout as experts from different fields, come together to share their vision to innovate and inspire through their respective experiences and unique knowledge.

In the spirit of innovation, Guinness has announced that its brewers are set to work on a feasibility study, which will investigate the viability of brewing a Guinness fit to be enjoyed in space.

Bottle of Stoutosphere

Stoutosphere” has been created especially for International Stout Day by Open Gate Brewery brewer Patrick Isard

This next step in the brewers continued adventure in beer will be to ensure that Guinness is space ready when the time comes. A particularly challenging task ahead in order to get the balance of flavours right, as human taste buds are altered at higher altitudes, as well as the challenge of zero waste packaging. Through further research, innovation and experimentation, Guinness will draw on over 259 years of experience in the hope of making a breakthrough.   

To mark the occasion, Guinness has brewed a limited-edition celebratory new stout, “Stoutosphere”. Created especially for International Stout Day by Open Gate Brewery brewer Patrick Isard. Coarse ground coffee beans from Brazil, freshly roasted in Dublin are brewed with sweet chocolate malts for a creamy stout. 

The limited edition stout will be tasted for the first time at the summit and will be on tap in the Open Gate Brewery and the Guinness Storehouse from 1st November.

Three Guinness Ambassadors

“Pushing boundaries in brewing means being open to endless possibilities. We believe in sharing our experience and working with others so that the conditions for innovation can thrive delivering amazing results. The feasibility study is the next step for us in our experimental brewery at St. James’s Gate’s journey. We are looking forward to the challenge this will pose for our science and brewing teams as they strive to create this stout.”

Peter Simpson

Guinness Brewer