Captain Morgan partners with Lady Leshurr to launch responsible drinking campaign - #LiveLikeACaptain

The new music video from grime star Lady Leshurr marks Diageo’s commitment to lead the way, by working with partners to reduce alcohol misuse and to change people's attitudes towards alcohol.


Captain Morgan's new #LiveLikeACaptain music video follows Lady Leshurr as she navigates the typical scenarios of a night out, narrating the potential pitfalls of excessive drinking.

Half way through the song, she rewinds the night using her lyrics to tell an alternate story of a better night out where the fun is remembered because more positive choices were made. 

Lyrics in #LiveLikeACaptain were written by Lady Leshurr and produced by grime producer Swifta Beater

The lyrics in #LiveLikeACaptain were written by Lady Leshurr and produced by grime producer Swifta Beater

“Captain Morgan is a fun brand that also takes responsible drinking seriously. We know people want us to talk about moderation in a way that feels relevant to them, so partnering with influencers like Lady Leshurr is a great way to create authentic conversations on responsible drinking. We have a global goal of reaching 200 million people around the world with messages on moderation from our brands by 2025, and this campaign is a powerful example of one of our biggest brands helping us to achieve this”

Carolyn Panzer
Carolyn Panzer

Global Alcohol in Society Director, Diageo

“#LiveLikeACaptain to me is about being responsible when drinking, knowing who’s around you and more importantly being able to remember your night too. After all, you want to be able to share your experiences with your friends and what better way for me to help drive that message than through music.”

Lady Leshurr
Lady Leshurr

#LiveLikeACaptain has launched alongside information to educate consumers about responsible drinking to help them make more positive choices. This online hub - - encourages consumers to interact with tips and tools.  

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