Build an advantaged route to consumer: China Premium scotch brands leading the way to consumers in South China



We want spirits consumers in China to choose our premium and super premium scotch brands. To achieve this, we identified two provinces in China, Guangdong and Fujian, to further build our route to consumer capabilities in liquor stores.

Guangdong and Fujian have the highest penetration of foreign spirits consumption in China. Focusing on Johnnie Walker Blue Label, The Singleton and our malts portfolio, we trained our sales team and worked with local distributors and liquor outlets to set minimum activation standards for our premium scotch brands. Using data and insights, the sales team is now able to make real-time decisions to ensure we are reaching the right consumers with the right products and that our brands are presented at their best at point of sale. During sales calls, our team is able to take images of displays. Our system logs the images and our central team is able to evaluate and better determine the best sales drivers.

Additionally, during occasions such as the Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese New Year, we are recruiting and re-recruiting Johnnie Walker Blue Label customers through personalisation and gifting.

This year, we have seen sales of scotch in mainland China grow strong double digit driven by Johnnie Walker and The Singleton.