Best of the Best

Drinks Distributors Honored at 14th Annual Golden Bar Awards.


Diageo Golden Bar Awards

Recently, Diageo hosted the 14th Annual Golden Bar Awards in Las Vegas, to honor spirits and beer distributors who demonstrate excellence in sales, marketing and the promotion of responsible drinking. A longstanding tradition at Diageo, the annual awards celebrate distributors across the U.S. for their excellence in the industry and the important role they play in their respective communities. 

Awards were presented in seven categories including “On Premise Performance,” “Innovation and Social Responsibility,” as well as “Brand Excellence.”  The distinction of “Distributor of the Year” went to Southern Glazer’s Coastal - Pacific Wine & Spirits Division, Florida (Spirits) and Beechwood Distributors, Wisconson (Beer).  Additionally, underscoring the importance Diageo places on responsible drinking and combatting underage drinking, two Platinum Bar Awards recognized distributors who best supported these critical initiatives within their own communities over the past year.

Honorees and their distributor peers were treated to a celebratory ceremony and dinner.  Winners took home elegant Golden Bar statuettes, either made of 24-carat gold or platinum, depending on the award.  Statuettes are produced by Society Awards, the company that produces awards for the Emmy’s®, presented by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.  Additional clients of note include: The People’s Choice Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, and the Sundance Film Festival. 

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