A behind the scenes look at ‘Smashed’ as it kicks off on its 2018 global tour


We recently sent a film crew to join members of the cast of ‘Smashed’, a global programme that is dedicated to preventing underage drinking around the world, as they began their UK tour. Follow the team as they visit schools in the UK and find out how the initiative, which aims to visit 16 countries over 12 months in 2018, looks to empower young people worldwide by equipping them with the information, awareness, and confidence to make responsible choices around alcohol.

Led by Collingwood Learning, ‘Smashed’ is a theatre education programme combining a live theatre production presented by professional actors accompanied by interactive workshops, evaluation and teaching resources for schools.

Diageo is dedicated to preventing underage drinking around the world and has been a proud sponsor of ‘Smashed’ since its birth in 2005. This global programme has grown to educate young people worldwide on the dangers of underage drinking in a way that is creative, engaging and hard-hitting. In addition to the UK, 2017 also saw ‘Smashed’ programmes set up in Peru, Mozambique, Taiwan, Vietnam and Thailand. 

The scheme has been developed in consultation with young people and helps schools educate young people to understand the facts, causes, and consequences surrounding alcohol misuse.

Find out more about the programme and the international tour here: https://www.diageo.com/en/news-and-media/features/smashed-kicks-off-2018-global-tour-starting-in-the-uk/