Ivan Menezes, Chief Executive, addresses racism and inequality – excerpt from global employee broadcast

“We have all watched in shock at the brutal killing of George Floyd and the outpouring of protest around the world. This is not just a tragedy, nor is it an isolated incident. It is an outrage. As a leader of a global business and a person of color, I strongly denounce any kind of racism, injustice or unequal treatment.

The scourge of racism and injustice is found across the world and at this critical point in time, I say to our black colleagues: we stand together with you, we respect you, we hear you and we care about you. Black lives matter.

This moment in history needs to be a catalyst. I will not allow us to be complacent about the progress we have made or to sit on the sidelines. We will deliver on our commitment to you and to society, to promote inclusion and diversity, and to take every action and step needed to make that a reality everywhere.”

Ivan Menezes

Chief Executive, Diageo