Programmes to address alcohol misuse

We put our resources and skills into programmes to prevent and reduce alcohol misuse by working with others to raise awareness and change people's attitudes and behaviour.

Guinness Nigeria

A varied approach

We've developed a wide range of programmes and initiatives because we recognise that alcohol misuse and related harm is a complex social issue, and that different cultures and societies require different approaches.

We also recognise that addressing alcohol-related harm is a shared responsibility. Over the years we've learned that working in partnership with local government, civil society, and our industry is the best way to raise awareness, shift attitudes, and change behaviour.

Our wide range of programmes and initiatives include:

  • advertising campaigns that raise awareness of the risks of excessive drinking
  • funding the training of midwives about foetal alcohol syndrome
  • supporting the medical profession in identifying and helping problem drinkers
  • implementing initiatives with public and private partners to reduce drink driving through education initiatives, free rides, and enforcement campaigns.

We are also one of 12 leading global producers of beer, wine, and spirits taking action on the Global Beer, Wine and Spirits Producers Commitments' to Reduce Harmful Drinking.

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