Join The Pact

It can take just five minutes for you to feel the effects of an alcoholic drink, and even a small amount will harm your judgement on the road. The tragic outcome is that 1.2 million lives worldwide are lost every year because of drink driving. But together we have the power to change this. Every accident caused when someone is under the influence of alcohol is 100% preventable.

Our global #JoinThePact programme aims to encourage 50 million people to never drink and drive through signing a global pact. Partnerships with police, local authorities and other agencies support enforcement, provide education for drivers and law enforcers, and support safe rides and public transportation. By taking a pledge to never drink and drive, you will be helping us achieve our goal to reduce drink driving accidents by 2025. Already millions of people around the world have made this commitment.

Visit our global site, to find out more. Read our case studies below to hear about our #JoinThePact campaign in action.