Promoting positive drinking

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Our brands are made with pride, and made to be enjoyed – responsibly. When consumed moderately and responsibly by adults who choose to drink, alcohol can be part of a balanced lifestyle and play a positive role in social occasions and celebrations.

The misuse of alcohol, however, can cause serious problems for individuals, communities, and society. We care passionately about reducing alcohol-related harm through our own programmes and through partnership and collaboration with others – and we seek to provide consumers with the information and tools they need to make informed choices about drinking or not drinking.

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Our 2025 targets

We have long supported health organisation’s (WHO) goal of reducing harmful drinking by 10% across the world by 2025. We work with partners from within and beyond our industry on initiatives that advance that goal and we have set ourselves stretching targets to reach by 2025.

Industry collaboration

Our Work

Implement global alcohol industry commitments to expand and increase efforts on:

  • reducing underage drinking
  • strengthening and expanding market codes of practice
  • providing consumer information and responsible product innovation
  • reducing drink driving
  • enlisting the support of retailers to reduce harmful drinking.
  • Member of Global Producers’ Commitments
  • Packaging commitments
  • Digital Commitments

Eleven leading beer, wine, and spirits companies that form the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking (IARD), and four of the leading global internet platforms, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube, have formed a unique partnership to deliver better safeguarding measures for online alcohol advertising. The partnership aims to:

  • ensure the most up-to-date safeguards are used so that marketing communications relating to beer, wine and spirits are directed to those adults who can lawfully buy these products
  • explore what changes cane made to further diminish chances of those underage seeing this advertising
  • explore ways people can have greater control over whether they see alcohol advertising and opt out of receiving advertisements for alcohol products.

The members of IARD have also created a set of Digital Guiding Principles (DGPs) as part of their “Beer, Wine and Spirits Producers’ Commitments to Reduce Harmful Drinking”, to ensure that their only alcohol marketing communications meet the same high standards that apply to traditional marketing activities.

Promoting moderation

Our programmes

For most people who drink alcohol, drinking responsibility is common sense. We want to reinforce the message of moderation in everything we do.

Through our global resource we provide consumers access to a wide range of training and resources on the effects of drinking. Labels and packaging also help us reach consumers, and our Diageo Consumer Information Standards (DCIS) provide benchmarks for the mandatory minimum information to be included on labels and packaging on all our brands, wherever they are legally permitted.

We are using the power and reach of our brands to carry moderation messages. At the heart of the Diageo Marketing Code (DMC) is our commitment to ensuring all our activities depict and encourage only responsible and moderate drinking.

  • DRINKiQ is available in 25 languages in 38 countries. You can read more here and take the quiz here.
  • The Diageo Marketing Code (DMC) has been updated in July 2019 to include further guidance about non-alcoholic beverages, functional claims and online responsible marketing principles. A new easier-to-access DMC training scheme has been made available to brand teams and advertising agencies working with Diageo.

Tackling harmful drinking

Case Studies

We focus resources on global programmes that address our priorities for reducing harmful drinking in three areas: underage drinking, drinking and driving and heavy episodic drinking

  • Our flagship theatre-based ‘Smashed’ education programme informs young people about the dangers of underage drinking
  • Our global JoinThePact programme aims to encourage people to never drink and drive through signing a global pact
  • A new three year partnership with UNITAR focuses on high-visibility enforcement in Latin America, Asia and Africa, all identified as high-risk regions.
  • Diageo’s underage drinking programmes have reached more than 632,000 people in the last two years across 20 countries (see our Annual Report)
  • Diageo’s educational theatre programme Smashed has now reached 700,000 young people on six continents over the last ten years
  • 95% of students knew more about the dangers of underage drinking after experiencing Smashed
  • Diageo’s ‘Join The Pact’ campaign has collected over 20 million pledges to never drink and drive, through a range of experiential and online activities. The recently launched global website offers information about the initiative and the risks of drinking and driving.