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Promoting positive drinking

Woman holding a bottle of water and red cup with Smirnoff logo in one hand

Our brands are made with pride, and made to be enjoyed – responsibly. When consumed moderately and responsibly by adults who choose to drink, alcohol can be part of a balanced lifestyle and play a positive role in social occasions and celebrations.

The misuse of alcohol, however, can cause serious problems for individuals, communities, and society. We care passionately about reducing alcohol-related harm through our own programmes and through partnership and collaboration with others – and we seek to provide consumers with the information and tools they need to make informed choices about drinking or not drinking.

officer reading drinkIQ pamphlet

Our 2020 targets

As part of our strategy for promoting positive drinking, encouraging moderation and tackling the misuse of alcohol, we have set ourselves 20 ambitious targets to be reached by 2020We are committed to measuring and reporting on every programme that we run in our top 20 markets. Our targets were selected to ensure we help to achieve the UN’s Global Goals and support WHO programmes on health, such as the Global Action Plan for the Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases.

Industry collaboration

Our Work

Implement global alcohol industry commitments to expand and increase efforts on:

  • reducing underage drinking
  • strengthening and expanding market codes of practice
  • providing consumer information and responsible product innovation
  • reducing drink driving
  • enlisting the support of retailers to reduce harmful drinking.
  • Member of Global Producers’ Commitments
  • Packaging commitments

As an industry, we have implemented 365 drink driving programmes around the world. We also implement a range of programmes that contribute to the reduction of underage drinking and strengthen and expand marketing codes of practice to promote responsible drinking.

Impactful programmes

Our programmes

  • Going beyond industry commitments, we will work in partnerships to support programmes to address harmful drinking in our top 20 countries.
  • Campaign to reduce drink driving in Taiwan
  • 'Model Cities' in Mexico
  • SMASHED – Giving UK students the facts about alcohol
  • Training midwives about foetal alcohol syndrome
  • Support medical professionals to help problem drinkers.

We supported about 300 programmes in more than 50 countries.


Case Studies

  • Reach 1 million adults with training materials that will enable them to champion responsible drinking.

We trained over 400,000 responsible drinking ambassadors through our various programmes. We are on track to meet our 1 million target by 2020.