Drink Positive

Drink Positive is our global campaign that enables everyone at Diageo and our business partners and customers to be advocates for promoting moderation and tackling alcohol misuse.

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To understand more about alcohol

How it's made, explore the effects of drinking or find out more about your favourite drink visit DRINKiQ.com.

Enjoying alcohol is part of life in many societies around the world. It is an established part of how people socialise, whether that’s at the biggest celebrations in life, at family gatherings, when experiencing music, sport and culture, or just as part of catching up with friends.

At Diageo, we produce some of the world’s best alcoholic drinks, and as more people have more choices and higher expectations, we want to fulfil that demand in a responsible way.

We want people who choose to drink to make positive and responsible choices about alcohol.

Drink Positive means drinking better, not more. For us, it means being proud of how our products are made, marketed, and most of all, the enjoyment they bring. The Drink Positive campaign enables people to be advocates for moderation and common sense. It includes a host of training and information resources such as DRINKiQ, our alcohol education tool, that help engage employees and business partners and support them to engage others.

How we’re helping people Drink Positive

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What we’ve achieved so far

We have set ambitious targets for this campaign and we are determined to meet them. At the same time, we are proud of what we have achieved so far and are confident that our message to drink better, not more will inspire more and more people to Drink Positive in the years to come.

  • Our Haig Club responsible drinking film #leaveasyourarrived has reached more than 8 million people
  • Our Smashed programme has educated nearly 500,000 children about the dangers of underage drinking
  • Our #JoinThePact campaign has inspired almost 20 million people to make a pledge to never drink and drive