Programmes and partnerships

We have a proud history of developing partnerships, programmes and initiatives that address the issues that are most material to our business, our stakeholders and our communities.

Women in China in a bakery

An integrated approach

We have a clear vision of what we want all our programmes and partnerships to achieve. Each initiative should make a contribution to our efforts in three key areas – responsible drinking, communities and the environment.

Our sustainability and responsibility strategy is global in its outlook and ambition and there are natural points where our global programmes complement each other. Our approach has been designed to capitalise on these points where they exist to address specific local needs. For example, our sustainable agriculture programmes promote better use of natural resources while helping communities in our value chain to thrive.

Our work in these areas has greatest impact when it is integrated into a wider, global effort. We will renew our efforts to make Diageo's own work holistic and coordinated, and explore new ways to work with external partners to achieve scale. In this way we can make a real contribution to delivering the UN's global Sustainable Development Goals.

Promoting positive drinking

We put our resources and skills into programmes that are designed to prevent and reduce alcohol misuse by working with others to raise awareness and change people's attitudes and behaviour.

Building thriving communities

We want to continue to help communities thrive through programmes that make Diageo a great, safe and diverse place to work; build sustainable supply chains; and empower communities and individuals.

Reducing our environmental impact

Our programmes focus on working with farmers and others in our supply chain to support sustainable agriculture. We also have programmes to address key environmental issues, with a particular focus on water.

Measuring our impact

Our programmes are designed to:

  • improve access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene
  • promote gender equality and empower women and girls
  • promote sustainable agriculture
  • promote inclusive sustainable growth
  • promote skills, employability, and lifelong learning
  • reduce poverty
  • promote better health and wellbeing.
An overview of the Social Impact Framework

In order to ensure we are making a real and relevant contribution, we aim to measure and report on the impact of every programme and initiative we run. We report on our progress every year in our Annual Report and Sustainability and Responsibility Performance Addendum.