We have considered which issues matter most to our business, both in terms of our growth and for our connection to the wider world and our stakeholders.

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By addressing these, and bringing our values to life, we can have confidence that our business will be truly sustainable.

In 2015, we qualitatively refreshed our understanding of our material issues. We spoke to a range of stakeholders, including investors, customers, suppliers and multinational organisations such as United Nations agencies and NGOs, to ensure that our sustainability strategy is focused on achieving the greatest impact and tackling the issues that matter most. We analysed their interests and concerns alongside a set of risks and opportunities for our company.

This study confirms that our strategy will continue to enable us to invest in areas that are of greatest importance to both our stakeholders and our business – that will in turn allow both our communities and our business to thrive.

Of course, now that that we have identified these issues, what matters is what impact we are able to make in addressing them. We have shifted our metrics to focus on impact not input, within our Social Impact Framework (SIF) and through specific research to bring deeper understanding.

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