Doing business the right way from grain to glass

Doing the right thing, in the right way, is the foundation of our business and our 'Society 2030: Spirit of Progress' 10-year ESG action. That includes embedding our commitment to business integrity and respect for human rights into the way we work, every day, everywhere.

Doing business the right way underpins our 'Society 2030: Spirit of Progress' action plan and all of the pillars that sit within the strategy.

At Diageo, we create an environment where all our people feel they are treated fairly and with respect. We commit to understanding what it means to act with integrity in our roles, to ensure we are doing business in the right way, meeting external expectations and our own standards.

We believe respect for human rights should be a part of everyone’s working day, in every country and throughout our supply chain. In 2014 we signed the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGP) and remain committed to this fundamental right, in every country throughout our supply chain.

Our global Zero Harm programme takes a holistic approach to the health, wellbeing and safety of our people. Ensuring no one compromises on their values, and everyone goes home safe and healthy.

We use our voice to create fair and inclusive communities wherever we do business. Working with peers and trade associations to take collective action to bring about peace and justice and build the strong institutions we all need to thrive.

'Society 2030: Spirit of Progress'

Our bold 10-year 'Society 2030: Spirit of Progress' ESG action plan will help us to create a more inclusive and sustainable world.


We have set 25 ambitious targets aligned to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Our targets build on our successful ESG track record in recent years.

Society 2030
in action

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