Truly rewarding

We’ll go into detail on our strategy, teach you about our values and provide clear and constructive policies. But most important of all, you can look forward to impressive rewards and excellent development and wellbeing opportunities.

Learning and development


Everything you need to succeed

At Diageo Business Services, we believe that the most powerful learning comes from experience. But, underpinning this, our commitment to formal learning is second-to-none. We offer all our people access to outstanding development tools and resources.

These include the Diageo Academy, our global online e-learning and development hub, which specialises in maximising your functional expertise and allows you – in the majority of cases – to access training in your native language. We’ve also introduced a consistent talent management approach based on transparent principles and a simple process. This includes yearly talent reviews, in-depth development feedback and career advice. All-in-all, this is a comprehensive package designed to open doors to a future you can be proud of.

Go fast, go far

We also have a Budapest-based leadership development programme for ambitious talent. Called Fast Forward, it is founded on the methods of organisational development consultants. If you pass the selection process and win a place on the programme, you can look forward to a vibrant mix of classroom training, team coaching, mentoring and project assignments. Here, you’ll develop your self-awareness and leadership skills, while defining your own leadership style and building vital networks. It all adds up to a unique learning journey.



You deserve it

We spend a lot of time and energy developing reward programmes that are motivating, fair and relevant to the way our people live their lives.

Join us and you’ll see what we mean. We celebrate great work and create rewards that support your all-round wellbeing. Everyone here understands the importance of balancing work with life – and getting the most from both.

Rewarding in every sense

Rewards are more than salaries alone. Our view is holistic: we’ll offer you what we call ‘total reward’: financial and non-financial benefits that support your wider needs. It’s a structure that’s made up of experience, core and performance rewards.

Experience rewards

Our experience rewards are inspired by Diageo’s central purpose – celebrating life, every day, everywhere – a principle that applies as much to our employees as it does to customers and consumers. These rewards come in all shapes and sizes. They’re non-financial and designed to enhance your lifestyle in lots of important ways.

We offer the widest range of career opportunities – including global moves – plus learning and development tools, resources and courses that we’ve created to send your career in the direction you want to go.

But work is only one part of life. Our flexible hours policy is here to ensure that you can manage the other priorities you have outside the office – whether you’re a parent, carer or you have other responsibilities.

We’re also very passionate about sustainability and responsibility – whether that’s supporting society, reducing our environmental impact or building thriving communities. There will be a whole host of opportunities to get involved in projects beyond your day job.

We have a wide variety of networks designed to support, engage and involve every member of the team. They include everything from Spirited Women – a network connecting women across the organisation, helping them to embrace themselves and each other – to ESAT – an initiative focusing on health and wellbeing, sports and culture.

The working environment matters to us in every sense. Ours currently includes a free gym, a bar and a discounted shop. And we’re always looking at ways to make it even better.

Core rewards

Guaranteed to all employees, the core rewards are a combination of your base salary, universal benefits and flexible benefits choices – collectively designed to reward the great work you do.

Base salaries vary by role but they’re all regularly monitored to ensure they remain competitive, with an annual review each year.

Universal rewards include pension, general health insurance and discretionary annual product allowance. Flexible benefits may include recreation cards and extra holidays on top of your government mandated allowance and many more. (In Hungary, the holiday allowance is a base of 20 days per year plus additional days related to your age and demographic factors such as if you have children.)

Performance rewards

You can look forward to performance rewards when you achieve specific goals or exhibit particular behaviours. They include Annual Incentive Plans (AIP) and recognition programmes.

Contribute to the organisation’s sustainable and profitable growth and it won’t go unnoticed. This is the what Annual Incentive Plan is for. It comes in the form of a target bonus (a percentage of base salary), which varies by target and contribution.

In addition, recognition can be formal or informal, offering peer and company recognition for the extraordinary contributions you make.

Source to Pay

Diageo’s famous entrepreneurial spirit and innovation is alive and kicking at the heart of DBS’s Source-to-Pay team. We offer one single, streamlined end-to-end process that covers every step of procurement.

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