Our business - Source to Pay

We offer one single, streamlined end-to-end process that covers every step of procurement - seamlessly linking suppliers, vendors and customers, and spanning everything from tactical sourcing and accounts payable to travel and expenses and payments.

Be creative to the core

Process standardisation is at the heart of our successful operation. But standardisation is the beginning of the story, not the end. We’re looking for people to use their creativity to make continuous improvements and be the voice of innovation so that we never stand still and our procure-to-pay process becomes more and more effective.

This is a philosophy that resonates with our customers and we currently process 500,000 invoices each year and payments worth £8.2 billion.

Bring it all together

And we’re just getting started. We’re planning to grow our talent and capabilities, ensuring we’re the customer of choice for vendors, and the process of choice for our business partners. We’ll get there by creating a product that brings together structured purchasing, effective operations and category management. And behind the scenes, by standardising processes and incorporating Artificial Intelligence technology.

At the same time, we’ll simplify the user experience, giving users more control and easy access to support. Among our plans are self-service vendor portals, chatbots, a more transparent buying process and E-invoicing.

This combination of creativity, technology and commercial thinking will mean opportunities aplenty. For us, of course, but equally, for you.

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