Living and working in Budapest

The team comes first

At Diageo Business Services in Budapest, we’re proud of our role and we take it seriously. Every day we see the impact of our work on the global Diageo organisation – driving value, service and business performance, helping to lead change, improving efficiency and delivering market growth. All this creates a genuine team-spirit that people here thrive on.

We invest in each other

But we’re never complacent about our working environment. We invest time, money and energy in a wide variety of communities, groups and networks for people to join. Ultimately, all of these actions and activities come together for one objective: to breathe life into our organisational purpose - celebrate life, every day, everywhere. And as you’ll appreciate if you join us, this is as much a commitment to our people, as it is to our customers and consumers.

The Rainbow Network

The Rainbow Network works to ensure Diageo is an employer that respects, values and embraces the talents of Diageo LGBTQ team-members.

Spirited Women

Spirited Women connects and supports women across the organisation, helping them to embrace themselves and each other.

Green IQ

Green IQ works to reduce our collective environmental footprint by raising awareness of green thinking in the office and at home.

The Wave

The Wave community brings employees together by organising parties to mark various days and seasons – including Halloween, Valentine’s Day and Movember.


ESAT focuses on health and wellbeing, promoting a programme of sports activities, cultural events and opportunities to donate blood.

Brand Passion

Brand Passion exists to help Diageo colleagues to get to know our brands better. They organise tasting and educational events that promote greater brand awareness.

Helping Hands

Helping Hands is an initiative by Diageo employees who, besides their job, invest their time and efforts to help making a difference by organising several charity events. 

Award winning

We think this is an excellent company to work for. But don’t just take our word for it. In recent years, Diageo Business Services in Budapest has received numerous awards. It’s great when your successes get this kind of outside recognition.


  • Loveable Workplace in Hungary award (Szerethető Munkahelyek) (2018)
  • SSON* Top 20 Most Admired Shared Services Organisations (2017, 2018)
  • SSON 'Excellence in Culture Creation' Award (2016)
  • Aon Hewitt ‘Best Employer’ in Hungary in 1000+ category (2015, 2010)
  • Business Superbrands (2012)
  • Special Recognition by the Association of Women’s Career Development in Hungary (2012)
  • SSON ’Excellence in People & Communications' Award (2011)
  • SSON ‘Best Mature Captive Service Centre’ Award (2010)
  • Budapest wins 'Greenest Office in Hungary' title (2010)

The energy is all around you

Outside the office, there’s also a lot to enjoy. If there’s one word to describe Budapest, it’s ‘vibe’. This city gets its undoubted energy from the sheer diversity of life. History, culture, nightlife, food, architecture – it’s all here.

Always look up

In Budapest, it’s always good to look up. The architecture testifies to Hungary’s central role in European history: witness the sheer scale of its vast iconic buildings, from the castle to the Parliament to the Gellért Baths. Castle Hill is the crowning feature of the Buda side: a plateau 1.6km long, rising from the Danube bank, it bears the imposing Buda Palace, a web of cobbled streets and the Mátyás Church. 

Immerse yourself

The city’s reputation as a capital of food and drink is well-earned, with local food markets galore, and wine regions that are making their mark internationally. You’ll find shade and entertainment in the sprawling parks, home to museums, yoga classes and thermal spas. Budapest knows how to unwind. There are endless festivals to enjoy, sip wine under the dazzling lights of the Castle Hill, or get cultural at one of the historic theatres. Or if you want a change of scenery, it's easy to explore the villages along the Danube bend, or swimming at Lake Balaton. Then, of course, there’s no end of experiences to be had exploring one of the seven countries that border Hungary.

Sample the perfect mix

And Budapest is nothing if not a modern European city. On the Pest side of the river, you’ll find a place thick with exciting cafés and bars, as well as being home to the historic old town and the intimate Jewish district. And everywhere, modern clubs rub up alongside century old institutions. Budapest is both contemporary and nostalgic, energetic and leisurely, loud and quiet. Which makes for exciting contrasts. And it makes Budapest the ideal place to celebrate life.

Finance and Control

Right at the centre of the business’s decision-making, Finance and Control are a 440 strong team in Budapest which handles Diageo-wide transactions all across the world.

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