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Supply jobs

Use your creativity and flair to help us source, produce and deliver 6.5 billion litres of products every year, across 180 markets around the world.

Move our world

30,000 people work for Diageo and over half of them are in our supply chain. It’s an intricate and sophisticated operation that’s the product of logistical, manufacturing and technical collaborations all around the world. A myriad of moving parts, it also demands us to understand global and local challenges side by side.

You’ll have the opportunity to join teams at over 100 sites in more than 30 countries covering production facilities, supplier relationships, customer collaborations and third-party agreements. So your flair for solving problems will never run out of uses.

We set ourselves very high standards and we need to be consistent in our performance across our entire supply chain – from farmer to customer – all the while building our business, protecting the environment, creating efficiencies, and saving costs.

“The typical perception of a factory, in my head anyway, was really male-dominated – but it’s actually really diverse, and it’s not male-dominated at all. The culture and atmosphere is really mixed and accepting.”


Packaging Operator Apprentice

There is a diverse range of fantastic roles available:

  • Planning drives what products and materials exist across our supply chain to meet customer needs. You'll help ensure the right products are in the right location at the right time.
  • As part of the Manufacturing team you’ll be responsible for ensuring our products are made to the highest standards and in the most efficient way.
  • Our Logistics team manages the warehousing, transport, and delivery of our products from the manufacturing site to our customers.
  • In the Technical team you'll work with experts in brand change, science and technology, safety, quality, environmental sustainability, and governance to ensure we innovate and grow while protecting our people, brands, and the environment.

Opportunities at Diageo

Supply Apprenticeships

Our Apprenticeship Programme will challenge and inspire you to reach your full potential.

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