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Supply Chain graduate programme

Our products are enjoyed by millions of people across the world, and manufacturing and packaging them are some of the most important elements of our business.

woman smiling in a warehouse

Working in Supply you'll have the chance to observe how we do things first hand. You might, for example, see how we produce Captain Morgan rum in the US or visit Ireland to discover how we make Guinness, the world's number one stout.

However, your role is far more important than simply being an observer. We want your input and ideas to improve our processes and help shape our future. You could be looking at ways to drive sustainability in all we do, helping develop more cost-effective bottling techniques or creating innovative new packaging methods.

During your three years with us you'll grow your expertise in three areas: manufacturing, supply chain and procurement. And you'll get an international perspective. The products we supply and the challenges we face vary from country to country, so it's important that you understand how Diageo operates as an international company. We'll help you build a diverse global network and give you the opportunity to join an international team.

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