The growth of our business must not come at the expense of future generations. Our long-term sustainability depends on reducing our reliance on the fossil fuels which contribute to climate change.

Our target is to cut greenhouse gas emissions from our operations by 50% by 2015.

Diageo’s greenhouse gas emissions come almost entirely from the burning of fossil fuels at our sites and the purchase of electricity derived from fossil fuels. We are firmly committed to reducing these emissions through a number of approaches, including the generation of renewable energy at our production sites using by-products, the purchase of electricity from low-carbon sources, and significant improvements in energy efficiency across all of our operations. More than 50% of all the electricity Diageo uses globally now comes from low carbon sources.

The case study below provides a closer look at one of our programmes:

Greener energy, still great Guinness

15 August 2013

When gas wells were drilled near our Guinness brewery in Douala, Cameroon, we joined forces with the gas company to bring our carbon emissions – and costs – down.READ MORE...