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Improving our packaging is an important way to reduce our environmental impact. Our goal is for all Diageo packaging to be of premium quality, and sustainable.

In 2009 we set ourselves targets to reduce our average packaging weight, increase the recycled content of our packaging, and make all our packaging recyclable or reusable by 2015. We are also looking for ways to work with our suppliers, customers, and consumers to ensure that our packaging is effective as well as sustainable.

Our sustainable packaging guidelines support this work, including specific design principles and stating that Diageo packaging should, where possible, be made with sustainable materials and energy sources. The guidelines also explain that our packaging should be technically recyclable or reusable, while meeting our quality and brand standards. They also provide us with a framework for establishing sustainable packaging standards in our supply chain.

We have already made good progress in several key brands and markets, including replacing cardboard packaging with shrinkwrap and reducing the weight of glass bottles. For more information on our progress against targets, please read our 2013 Sustainability & Responsibility Report

The case study below features a closer look at one of our programmes:

Smirnoff Ice – lighter by design

04 June 2013

Lighter can be better. In Venezuela, improving the design of our Smirnoff Ice bottles is saving 1,600 tonnes of packaging a year.READ MORE...

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