Community Empowerment

Our stakeholders expect global companies like Diageo to contribute to the socio-economic development of the communities in which we operate – and we recognise that our own success depends on the shared value we create.

An essential part of our contribution to the wider communities that enable our business to flourish is our investment in long-term, actively-managed programmes that help serve critical local needs, such as access to clean water and developing skills. In recent years, we have made a meaningful assessment of the potential impact of our entire value chain on our local communities, and we are increasingly focusing our community programmes on empowering stakeholders, ranging from small-scale farmers who grow our grains to the bartenders who sell our brands, and in particular on empowering women. These programmes make a real difference – and they also build relationships with our stakeholders, which directly supports our business strategy.

A strong principle in this work is to engage stakeholders to understand and address local interests and concerns and, where possible, work in partnership to solve complex problems. This principle has informed our strategy to achieve the greatest impact from our investment in development programmes, and will be measured in part by our sustainability and responsibility targets for 2020.

In this section

  • Local wealth creation
    Contributing to economic development through business activities such as local hiring, local sourcing, our tax contributions, and fostering an enterprise culture
  • Community investment
    Establishing investment programmes that empower individuals and communities throughout our value chain; these are sometimes promoted and funded through brand-led initiatives as well as through the Diageo Foundation
  • Advocacy and awareness
    Harnessing the power of consumers and collaborating with other companies, governments, industry bodies, and NGOs to advance sustainable development