CSR in Scotland

A leading corporate citizen

Diageo is focused on building a successful business in Scotland sustainably. This means we take the role we play in society very seriously. We are at the forefront of promoting responsible drinking, working hard with government regulators and NGOs to ensure we market our brands responsibly and consumers enjoy them sensibly. We generate innovative and holistic ways to minimise our impact on the environment. As a business we believe in giving people opportunities to develop their potential.

And we understand the role we play in the 50 communities in which we operate; many of these are rural and depend on our continued success. We know that the £400m a year we spend with local suppliers is important to many Scottish companies. Therefore we are committed to maintaining positive, long term relationships with our Scottish supplier base to support our quality brands.

As a major employer, Diageo Scotland has worked hard to become a trusted and respected leader. We employ around 4,000 staff across 50 sites in Scotland, of which around 700 have more than 25 years service with us, and around 12,000 indirect jobs are also supported across the country.

Likewise, we take our responsibilities as a community leader extremely seriously, taking a lead in developing campaigns in Scotland to promote responsible drinking as well as working innovatively with local communities.

Responsible Drinking

In Scotland, as in many parts of the world, drinking alcohol has been a popular source of enjoyment for centuries. Often seen as a key ingredient in celebration and ceremony, alcoholic beverages are deeply integrated into Scotland's culture and economy. And Diageo is proud of the part it plays in contributing positively to the lives of so many people.

However, we also understand that, like other products, when misused, alcohol can lead to individual and social harm. We believe this potential for harm is preventable. Neither Diageo nor society benefits when consumers misuse our products. Promoting responsible drinking is the right thing to do and is key to the sustainability of our business.

Working closely with a wide range of community partners in many regions across Scotland, Diageo is committed to supporting effective local campaigns aimed at driving positive changes in attitudes to alcohol.

We support a number of responsible drinking initiatives across the country. These include "Safe Drive Stay Alive"; "Boozebusters" in Fife; the Winter/Summer Road Safety Campaign in collaboration with Central Scotland Police and CentralFM; the Winter Safer Journeys campaign in Morayshire with Northern Constabulary, Grampian Police and Moray Firth Radio.