About Us 

About Us

Diageo is a global leader in beverage alcohol. We provide consumers with choice and quality across categories and price points.

Diageo has built a strong platform for growth through investing in our brands and route to consumer. Over the last five years we have made acquisitions in brands and local distribution while doubling the size of our luxury business. We have also made changes to our operating model and culture aligning Diageo behind the need for greater agility and responsiveness, creating a business that is closer to the consumer.

Our 21 market model has established strong local business units, well positioned to win in increasingly competitive and fast paced operating environments.

We know that we must earn the trust and respect of everyone that comes into contact with our company. We must be transparent and authentic, demonstrating good citizenship every day, everywhere.


We produce our brands from more than 200 sites in over 30 countries. We are committed to efficient, sustainable production to the highest quality standards. Our export-led International Supply Centre (ISC) employs over 4,000 people across more than 55 sites in Scotland, England, Ireland, Italy and the Netherlands.


We invest in world-class marketing to build our brands, focusing on connecting with existing and new consumers. For decades our brands have been at the forefront of marketing innovation and the same remains true today. We take seriously our obligations to market responsibly and help consumers make informed decisions.


Innovation is critical to our continued growth. We are committed to finding breakthrough innovations to serve customers and consumers. We identify emerging trends, and boldly innovate at scale. Innovation is a permanent engine of growth for our business and we are restless in our search for new products.


Everyone at Diageo sells or understands how they can help sell. This is just one expression of the sales-led organisation we are building. In each of our 21 markets, we are passionate about ensuring our products are available where consumers want them. We work to deliver amazing consumer experiences and to extend our sales reach.

What does it mean?

Dia Geo

The word Diageo comes from the Latin for day (dia) and the Greek for world (geo). We take this to mean every day, everywhere, people celebrate with our brands.