Diageo Global Supply 

Diageo Global Supply

We are very proud of our Diageo Global Supply operations across spirits, wine and beer. We operate production and distribution facilities that include maltings, distilleries, breweries, packaging plants, maturation warehouses, cooperages, vineyards, wineries and distribution warehouses.

Approximately 80 per cent of total production is undertaken in Diageo production areas located in Australia, Canada, Cameroon, Ghana, Ireland, Jamaica, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, the United Kingdom (most importantly Scotland), and the USA. The remaining 20 per cent of output is produced in many countries by joint-venture businesses or under contract with commercial partners. It is exciting to be able to follow the production of many of our brands through the life cycle of their development directly to the consumer celebration.

We take our role as a producer of products seriously and have set ourselves stretching targets to reduce our impact on the environment for the benefit of the planet, our communities and our business. This is of particular relevance across our Supply sites and we are very proud to have been awarded the new Carbon Trust standard for our supply operation in Scotland.

Our export-led International Supply Centre (ISC), based in Europe produces many of our heritage brands, including our Scotch whisky products. It employs over 4,000 people across more than 55 sites in Scotland, England, Ireland, Italy and the Netherlands.