Baileys, the world's leading liqueur is one of the defining brands within our portfolio, and particularly within our liqueurs category. Alongside this, we have Romana Sambuca, a very old and authentic Italian liqueur and Sheridans whose bottle includes a 'Perfect Pour' mechanism. Below is a selection of our liqueur brands listed alphabetically.


Top markets: United States, Great Britain, Global Travel, Spain, Germany

Launch: 1974

Baileys Original Irish Cream is a unique marriage of fresh, dairy cream, Irish whiskey, finest spirits and natural flavours.

Variants: Hint of Crème Caramel, Hint of Mint, Hint of Coffee, Baileys Minis

Facts: More than 275 million litres of fresh Irish milk are used annually to produce Baileys.


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Romana Sambuca

Category: Liqueur / Sambuca

Top markets: United States, Great Britain

Launch: Romana is a very old and authentic Italian liqueur

Romana Sambuca is a unique blend of natural flavour essences and ingredients including anise, elderberries, sugar, and a 'secret natural flavour formula' distilled in the old world tradition.

Variants: Romana Sambuca, Romana Black

Fact: Romana Sambuca 'Con Mosca' is served in a snifter with three coffee beans standing for 'health, wealth, and happiness'.

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Top markets: GB

Launch: 1994

Fact: The distinctive Sheridan's bottle is unike any other beverage product – its 'Perfect Pour' mechanism which pours the two liquids in one single motion ensures the perfect serve every time. With its white liqueur having a white chocolate richness, and the black of warm coffee and whiskey, the whole rounded-off by a chocolaty, nutty finish.

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