Gin has a strong and established heritage and is an important contributor to the Diageo stable. Within our collection we have Tanqueray – the leading imported gin in the U.S.*, selling 2.2 million 9-litre cases in 2013, and we have Gordon's – the world's best selling premium gin** which continues to be adored by consumers worldwide and also provides the base for some of the world's most distinguished cocktails.

Tanqueray No.TEN is recognised for making the most refreshing tasting martini cocktails, winning 'Best White Spirit' three times in a row at the San Francisco World Spirits competition, while Tanqueray itself is recognised by some of the most respected bartenders and experts across the world as the ultimate in gin. Below is a selection of our gin brands listed in alphabetical order.
* Source Beverage Information Group
**Source: Impact Databank, Feb 2013

Gordon's Gin

Top markets: Great Britain, United States, Greece

Launch: 1769

Variants: London Dry Gin, Sloe Gin, Space, Spark, Gordon's & Tonic premix.

The finest juniper, coriander and other botanicals give Gordon's gin its special taste and flavour.

Fact: In 1925 Gordon's Gin was awarded its first Royal Warrant by King George V. The years 1941 and 1952 saw Gordon's receive two more Royal Warrants from HM King George VI and HM Queen Elizabeth II respectively. Today Gordon's is the world's best selling premium gin.


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Tanqueray London Dry

Top markets: United States, Canada, Spain, Global Travel

Launch: 1830

Variants: Tanqueray No. TEN, Tanqueray Rangpur

Tanqueray is a dry, crisp gin with a rich juniper flavour that makes the most refreshing tasting gin and tonics and the driest of martini cocktails.

Fact: The essence of the Tanqueray brand was laid down over 170 years ago when Charles Tanqueray, descended from three generations of clergymen, chose not to follow the family calling and instead opened a distillery in Bloomsbury, London. Charles' refusal to accept the status quo meant that he spent many years testing the finest botanicals from around the world. Today Tanqueray gin continues Charles Tanqueray's legacy of excellence.


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Tanqueray No. TEN

Top markets: United States, Canada, Japan, Global Travel

Launch: 2000

Tanqueray No. TEN is an exceptionally smooth and fresh tasting gin. It is handcrafted in small batches using fresh citrus fruits (grapefruits, orange and limes) and other fine botanicals.

Fact: Tanqueray No. TEN has won numerous awards since its launch. In 2003 it had unprecedented wins as ‘Best White Spirit' three times in a row at the San Francisco World Spirits competition leading to the creation of 'Hall of Fame'.


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