Johnnie Walker Blue Label and Porsche Design Studio partner to launch exclusive collection Download file

Johnnie Walker Blue Label, the pinnacle of Blended Scotch Whisky from the House of Johnnie Walker, has joined with Porsche Design Studio, one of world’s best known and exclusive design houses, to create the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Collection by Porsche Design Studio, a range of exceptional gifts for men.
The two iconic, aspirational, luxury brands, sought after by men the world over, both with a commitment to heritage and modernity, have designed four exclusive pieces – led by a made-to-order £100,000 Private Bar – for men who want to celebrate with Johnnie Walker Blue Label, a statement of genuine style and substance.
Crafted from the finest materials the collection has been created to celebrate the perfect serve of Johnnie Walker Blue Label and is led by the select Johnnie Walker Blue Label Private Bar. A state of the art motion sensor activates its automated opening sequence, during which sections of the Private Bar effortlessly pivot and slide to display: a magnum of cask strength Johnnie Walker Blue Label with exterior detailing imagined by Porsche Design Studio; two bottles of Johnnie Walker Blue Label and four crystal glasses. They are presented on a subtly illuminated and precisely angled surface which sits at exactly 24 degrees, like the bottle’s label, and highlights the perfect serve of Johnnie Walker Blue Label.
Equally desirable, are three other design classics – The Johnnie Walker Blue Label Cube, Johnnie Walker Blue Label Mini Cube and Johnnie Walker Blue Label Chiller.
“The Johnnie Walker Blue Label Collection by Porsche Design Studio, is the result of a shared vision between two iconic, luxury brands.
“When you buy a product which has been designed by the Porsche Design Studio you know that you are celebrating a real moment of achievement – it is exactly the same with a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label.”
Roland Heiler, Managing Director of Porsche Design Studio in Zell am See in Austria, said: “The Porsche Design Studio is known for its technical characteristics and we have used these to create pieces that command a special status and are completely unique. A commitment to both modern and classic design principles is evidenced through the material selection and surface treatments. The visible technologies are a mix of traditional and high-tech. These combine to make the objects exceptional and sets them apart from any other gift packages.”
Johnnie Walker Blue Label is one of the rarest whiskies from the House of Johnnie Walker, created using the age old principles of blending excellence established by the family’s 1867 Old Highland Whisky. Only sublime, rare whiskies at the pinnacle of perfection are used in its blending, with only 1 in 10,000 casks containing whisky of sufficient character to deliver its remarkably smooth signature taste. Each is handpicked by the Johnnie Walker Master Blender, himself part of an unbroken lineage of Master Blenders stretching back over 190 years - it is the ultimate expression of whisky making today and a remarkable achievement for the modern era.

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