ADR Shares

As the ADR depositary bank for Diageo, Citibank performs the following roles for ADR holders:

  • Records and maintains the register of ADR holders
  • Is the stock transfer agent
  • Distributes dividends in US dollars
  • Facilitates the proxy voting process and exercises the voting rights on behalf of ADR holders
  • Issues and cancels Diageo ADSs
  • Distributes company annual reports, company circulars and Annual General Meeting documents

For those holders who are not registered because their shares are held through a "Street name" (nominee account), your nominee will receive company documents from Citibank to distribute to ADR holders. You need to make arrangements with your nominee if you wish to receive such documents and to be able to exercise your vote through the depositary bank at general meetings.

ADR certificates

Your Diageo American Depositary Receipt (ADR) represents your ownership of shares in the company and can be held in certificate or book-entry form.

  • If you hold your ADRs in certificate form these should be kept in a safe-deposit box or secure place. Certificates are negotiable documents and should be signed only in the event of a sale or transfer of ownership.
  • If you hold your ADRs through a "Street Name" (nominee account) these will be in book-entry form and therefore you will not have an ADR certificate.
  • If you are enrolled in Citibank's International Direct Investment Plan and already own Diageo ADRs in certificated form, you may deposit the certificates into the Plan for safekeeping. Citibank will credit these ADRs to your Plan account in book-entry form. You can find out more information on Citi's International Direct Investment Plan for Diageo by calling the toll free number for Diageo ADR at 1-866-253-0933 

To deposit certificates with Citibank, send them via registered mail to the following address along with your completed Enrollment Form, which you can download from Citibank's ADR website at

Citibank Shareholder Services PO Box 43077 
RI 02940-3077

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