The company is required by law to hold a general meeting of its shareholders each year (the Annual General Meeting - AGM). If an important matter requiring shareholder approval cannot wait until the next AGM, the company will call a General Meeting (GM).

As an ordinary shareholder you are entitled to attend, speak and vote at general meetings of the company.

As an ADR holder you are entitled to vote by proxy which is then exercised on your behalf by the depositary bank, Citibank.

If you attend a general meeting, you can vote in person on each resolution. If you cannot attend, you may appoint a proxy to vote on your behalf and your proxy can vote on a poll.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The Diageo AGM is held in September each year and gives you the opportunity to vote on various company matters, either by attending the meeting and voting in person or by sending in a proxy vote (to be used for a polled vote) in hard copy or electronic form.

If you attend the AGM, you have the opportunity to put questions to the board of directors and to speak to individual directors personally after the meeting. If you are unable to attend, or if you have any questions you wish to put to any of the directors during the course of the year, you may write to the company

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Holders of Diageo ADRs will receive voting materials and have the sole right to vote the ordinary shares of Diageo represented by their ADRs, which are held by Citibank. The proxy votes received by the return-by-date are then exercised through Citibank. To be eligible to vote, ADR holders must be on the Register on the AGM record date.

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2016 AGM

The 2016 Diageo AGM was held at 2.30 pm on Wednesday, 21 September 2016 at The Mermaid Conference & Events Centre, Puddle Dock, Blackfriars, London EC4V 3DB. The company's issued share capital at the latest practicable time before the date on which notice of meeting was given ('the Latest Practicable Date') was 2,754,384,278 Ordinary Shares carrying one vote each, excluding any Ordinary Shares held as treasury shares. As at the Latest Practicable Date, the company held 236,567,023 treasury shares representing 10% of the company's issued share capital (excluding treasury shares) as at that date. As at the Latest Practicable Date the total number of voting rights in the company was, therefore 2,517,817,255.

1) Report and Accounts 1,923,101,205 99.71% 5,625,466 0.29% 21,246,395
2) Directors’ Remuneration Report 1,847,226,415 94.82% 100,963,321 5.18% 1,783,328
3) Final Dividend 1,948,845,491 99.98% 322,844 0.02% 804,731
4) Re-election of P B Bruzelius 1,934,006,300 99.45% 10,683,091 0.55% 5,283,174
5) Re-election of Lord Davies 1,934,831,150 99.49% 9,858,576 0.51% 5,282,839
6) Re-election of Ho KwonPing 1,757,416,495 91.57% 161,893,045 8.43% 30,663,022
7) Re-election of B D Holden 1,940,846,662 99.59% 8,080,999 0.41% 1,044,904
8) Re-election of Dr F B Humer 1,908,164,211 98.65% 26,037,168 1.35% 15,771,186
9) Re-election of N S Mendelsohn 1,923,225,868 99.30% 13,616,275 0.70% 13,130,422
10) Re-election of I M Menezes 1,947,944,432 99.95% 979,594 0.05% 1,048,540
11) Re-election of P G Scott 1,939,828,125 99.54% 9,061,215 0.46% 1,083,225
12) Re-election of A J H Stewart 1,926,580,528 99.47% 10,277,651 0.53% 13,114,386
13) Election of J Ferrán 1,938,175,973 99.45% 10,666,056 0.55% 1,130,537
14) Election of K A Mikells 1,946,080,107 99.86% 2,795,519 0.14% 1,096,939
15) Election of E N Walmsley*** - - - - -
16) Re-appointment of Auditor 1,945,591,463 99.82% 3,570,418 0.18% 811,050
17) Remuneration of auditor 1,944,225,526 99.76% 4,627,412 0.24% 1,120,128
18) Authority to allot shares 1,912,660,305 98.16% 35,765,952 1.84% 1,546,780
19) Disapplication of pre-emption rights 1,933,853,877 99.28% 13,972,491 0.72% 2,146,698
20) Authority to purchase own ordinary shares 1,924,604,689 98.76% 24,173,573 1.24% 1,194,804
21) Authority to make political donations and/or to incur political expenditure in the EU** 1,876,158,573 96.52% 67,600,256 3.48% 6,214,236

* As a percentage of the aggregate of votes For plus votes Against (excluding votes Withheld).

** Resolutions other than those concerning ordinary business.

*** Resolution 15 was withdrawn with the consent of the meeting as Ms Walmsley indicated that she wished to stand down from the board.

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General Meeting (GM)

The company will call a GM if an important matter requiring shareholder approval cannot wait until the next AGM.

For example, an EGM was held on 2 October 2000 to enable shareholders to vote on the proposed disposal of Pillsbury to General Mills, Inc.

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