Value Chain Partnerships

We are committed to working with our suppliers, industry partners, customers, consumers and trade associations to drive higher standards in business ethics and sustainability.

From the production of our ingredients to the distribution, consumption and disposal of our brands, each stage of our value chain has impacts on our employees, local communities, the environment, and other stakeholders. We are focusing more and more effort on integrating social and environmental standards into every link of that chain.

In addition to our own operations, Diageo aims to encourage high standards for our business partners, such as our suppliers and customers.

In anticipation of our current targets coming to an end in 2015 we have created new Sustainability and Responsibility targets to 2020, to find out more click here.

In this section

  • Responsible sourcing
    We invite our suppliers to be our partners in providing sustainably sourced materials, which have a positive impact on the communities and environment in which we operate.
  • Agricultural value chain partnerships
    We know that the future prosperity of farmers, suppliers, and our business is closely linked with our ability to create partnerships and generate joint business value.
  • Customers and consumers
    We understand that consumers must trust Diageo, the quality of our brands, and the information we provide to them – while working closely with the businesses that retail our brands is vital for a long-term, sustainable business.

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