Our Value Network

Our reputation, and the sustainability of our business, depend on our ability to recognise and mitigate potential risks and create opportunities throughout the value network.

In the moment it takes to sip one of our drinks, our consumers make a connection: to the farm, plantation or distillery where the ingredients for that drink were grown; to the many suppliers of packaging, energy, raw materials, and those who provide labour, without whom we could not create our brands; and to the shop or venue where the drink was bought. That whole complex journey, from the field to the glass and beyond, is our value network: it is our responsibility to ensure that at every point, our impacts on people, communities, and the natural world are as beneficial as possible.

Our 2020 Sustainability & Responsibility targets, and our Water Blueprint integrated strategy for water launched in 2015, are an important step: they are giving us a deeper understanding of our impact on the value network and will help us ensure the positive impact of our programmes.


We want to work in partnership with our 30,000 plus suppliers – from the farmers who grow our raw materials, to the businesses who make our packaging – so that the materials we use are made in ways that contribute positively to local communities and the natural environment. By working with suppliers through associations like AIM-PROGRESS and SEDEX, we aim to improve practices in our supply chain and the wider industry.


We operate more than 100 distilleries, breweries, packaging and blending sites, warehouses and other sites around the world. The quality of our brands relies on a broad range of natural resources, from the aquifers and rivers which give us water, to the ecosystems in which our ingredients are grown. To protect them, we have targets at all of our sites for safeguarding water resources, halving our carbon footprint, eliminating waste to landfill, and creating more sustainable packaging.

Marketing and selling

Our much-loved brands are enjoyed by millions every day, and we're committed to ensuring they are enjoyed responsibly. We work with others, for example colleagues in our industry, government officials, not-for-profit organisations and consumers, to encourage adults to make responsible choices about whether, when and how much to drink.