Our long-term sustainability depends on reducing our reliance on the fossil fuels which contribute to climate change.

Like any responsible business, we are addressing our greenhouse gas emissions as a priority. We believe we can grow our business while reducing the carbon emissions associated with our value chain, as well as reducing our exposure to the risks of energy insecurity and rising costs.

Our target

We have committed to halving our direct carbon emissions (Scopes 1 and 2) in absolute terms by 2015 against a 2007 baseline, which has required a significant review of the relationship between production and the use of fossil fuels in our operations. We aim to meet this target through three main activities:


Improving energy efficiency in our operations

Improving the energy efficiency of our operations reduces carbon emissions, cuts energy bills, and reduces our exposure to energy risks. Measures such as improving insulation on cookers and stills, the installation of variable speed drives and low energy lighting systems, and improvements to air condensers and boilers have helped us create efficiencies.


Generating renewable energy at our sites

Alcohol production creates a number of by products which can be used as sources of renewable energy. We are investing in the bio-energy potential of our distilleries and breweries.


Sourcing renewable or low carbon energy

Renewable and low carbon energy from bio-energy, nuclear, wind, and hydro-electric sources can contribute significantly to reducing emissions.

In anticipation of our current targets coming to an end in 2015, we have created new Sustainability and Responsibility targets to 2020. Specifically in relation to carbon, we aim to:

  • Reduce absolute greenhouse gas emissions from direct operations by 50%, and achieve a 30% reduction along the total supply chain.
  • Ensure all our new refrigeration equipment in trade are HFC-free, with a reduction in associated GHG emissions from 2015.

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Scope 3 emissions

Scope 3 emissions - the carbon emissions associated with our value chain beyond our scope 1 and scope 2 emissions - are excluded from our 2015 targets. However, as our carbon strategy has broadened, we have increased our understanding of where our scope 3 impacts are greatest, and we are concentrating our efforts in these areas, prioritising logistics, key packaging and agricultural suppliers, and product refrigeration at point of sale.

For details of our progress against our targets, please see our Annual Report.

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