Other Community Investment

In addition to our larger community investment programmes, employees throughout our business lead a host of activities in our communities.

Giving for GoodEmployee-led activities

Diageo encourages local projects around the globe and provides employees with guidance on how to manage the programmes and partner with NGOs if necessary.

To engage employees who are geographically dispersed, Diageo launched the Giving for Good website that allows employees the opportunity to financially contribute to Diageo’s community investment programmes. The website also provides advice and support for employees’ fundraising activities.

Disaster relief

Diageo reacts rapidly and pro-actively to disasters affecting communities in our markets. We work with organisations such as the Bridge Foundation in the US to anticipate events such as hurricanes and co-ordinate disaster relief effectively. On some occasions, we are able to build on the work of our existing programmes in affected regions; in others we respond with emergency relief efforts.

Following the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Diageo’s Spirit of the Americas programme delivered WHO-sanctioned health kits containing enough material to provide medical care to 40,000 people for 90 days. Recent emergency relief efforts have also been provided to El Salvador, Jamaica, Australia and Brazil. We also coordinate a system to help enable our employees to make quick and targeted personal contributions to disaster relief.

For specific information, please visit our Sustainability & Responsibility Report.