Alcohol in Society

Diageo's much-loved brands are enjoyed by millions every day - and we're committed to ensuring they are enjoyed responsibly.

Creating a more positive role for alcohol in society means encouraging adults to make responsible choices about whether, when, and how much to drink. We believe that efforts to reduce the misuse of alcohol are likely to be most effective when government, civil society, individuals and families, as well as the industry, work together.

To that end, Diageo is one of 13 leading global producers of beer, wine, and spirits taking action on a set of commitments launched in October 2012 to reduce harmful drinking. These Global Beer, Wine and Spirits Producers' commitments build on long-standing efforts by the industry, and provide a co-ordinated response to support member states in implementing the World Health Organization's (WHO) global strategy to reduce the harmful use of alcohol.

Different cultures have a range of views on the role of alcohol, and some people make a choice not to drink alcohol at all. We recognise and respect this choice. We also acknowledge that some people should not drink as a matter of their own safety and wellbeing. This includes children and young people under the legal purchasing age, pregnant women, people who cannot control their drinking, or those who have a specific medical condition where drinking is not advisable.

Some people drink too much and cause harm to themselves and others. The social consequences of alcohol misuse are of course a matter of significant concern to a responsible company like ours. They damage our reputation, the reputation of our brands, our licence to operate, and, more importantly, our communities and our consumers. For these reasons we want to play an active part in tackling alcohol misuse. It is the right thing to do.

Our 2020 Sustainability and Responsibility targets now include Alcohol in Society, demonstrating the core focus we have on this area as a business and our commitment to measuring our progress in a tangible and responsible way. For more information, please see here.

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