Communicating about alcohol responsibly

Diageo aspires to the highest standards of responsible marketing and aims to provide consumers with the information they need to enjoy our brands responsibly.

The Diageo Marketing Code is our mandatory minimum marketing standard, governing us, and the third parties with whom we partner. It applies across all our markets and guides every aspect of our activities, from research and development to marketing, promotion, and packaging. It includes, for example, a requirement to direct our marketing only at adults over the legal purchase age, and not to present moderate consumption or abstinence negatively. We review the code every 12 to 18 months, to ensure it addresses evolving issues in the marketplace.

Our Digital Code of Practice, which complements the Diageo Marketing Code, sets out 10 principles for digital marketing. These include ensuring that marketing is directed at adults over the legal purchasing age, monitoring user-generated content, and consumer privacy. These codes are mandatory for our research, innovation and marketing functions in all markets in which we conduct business.

We manage our business in strict observance of all local regulations and laws, including those governing marketing. We strive to abide by industry self- or co regulation codes in markets where they exist, and we work with others to establish them where they do not.

Consumer information

To make responsible choices, consumers need clear and accessible information to be readily available. Our Diageo Alcohol Beverage Information Policy (DABIP) stipulates that we provide consumers with the right information to help them make sensible choices. The policy requires all new product launches, packaging renovations, and promotional packaging changes to include the following information on primary packaging:

  • Responsible drinking reminders
  • Allergen information
  • Alcohol by volume
  • A link to, our responsible drinking website.

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