Our Code, Policies and Standards

Our Code and policies are not simply sets of rules: they are written to give accessible and helpful guidance to our people to ensure they understand what is expected of them in order to demonstrate personal integrity, and live the values and behaviours that underpin all of our work every day, everywhere.

Our Code of Business Conduct ('our Code') sets the standard for what is expected of everyone working at Diageo. All of our other policies and standards, many of which can be linked to from this page, flow from its principles.

Code of Business Conduct

Our Code applies to everyone working for Diageo worldwide, regardless of location, role, or level of seniority. We expect those representing and acting on behalf of Diageo, including temporary and contract employees, consultants, agents, and any other third party acting in our name, to do so in accordance with the principles of our Code.

Our Code provides clear guidance on the following areas:

  • Our personal integrity – responsible drinking; insider trading, conflicts of interest;
  • Our commercial integrity – marketing and innovation; gifts and entertainment; bribery and corruption; governments and political bodies; illicit trade; competition; money laundering; trade controls
  • Our people – health, safety, and personal security; discrimination; human rights
  • Our assets and information - information management and security; company property and resources; data privacy and personal information; business records
  • Our leadership and partnerships – quality; environment; charitable contributions; external communications and social media; relationships with customers, suppliers and other business partners

Other policies

Our Code is underpinned by a number of global policies covering specific areas of our activities. We review our policy regime every year to ensure that we take account of any changes in our external environment, and we update our policies accordingly. Our global policies cover a number of areas, including:

Our Partnering with Suppliers Standard

We rely on our suppliers, in over 100 countries, to work with us and match our commitment to creating top quality products in a sustainable and ethical manner. Each stage of our supply chain, from farming and manufacturing through to distribution and merchandising, has impacts on the environment, local communities and our many other stakeholders. We are focused on integrating sound social and environmental standards at each stage.

Our Partnering with Suppliers Standard

Our Sustainable Packaging Commitments

Our Sustainable Packaging Commitments define sustainable packaging as the packaging design with the lowest possible environmental impact while ensuring the required functionality to protect, deliver, and present our products and brands. They reflect our strategy for improving the sustainability of our packaging through responsible sourcing, the use of innovative technologies and design techniques to minimise packaging materials, and optimise the reuse of recyclable materials to support the circular economy.

Making Integrity Simpler

An online tool, 'Making Integrity Simpler', is helping our people make the right decisions about gifts and entertainment. Protecting the reputation of a business like ours is the responsibility of every employee. When we offer or accept gifts and entertainment, we all need to make sure that they are occasional, business-related, and reasonable – and that we never expose ourselves, or our business, to the risk of allegations of bribery or corruption.

Helping our people make the right choices: global compliance awareness events

12 August 2016

We’re constantly looking for ways to strengthen our culture of integrity to help our people make the right choices.READ MORE...

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