Diageo Europe 

Diageo Europe

Diageo is the largest premium drinks business in Europe. Within the geography of Europe there are three markets: Europe, Russia and Turkey. In Europe consumer marketing programmes are developed at a market level to drive consistency, efficiency and scale across all countries. In Russia we are driving our premium core, standard and value brands and reserve portfolio, whilst in Turkey, we use our local businesses’ strong route to consumer to drive accelerated growth in international premium spirits. In Europe our reputation as a trusted and respected company and for groundbreaking innovation, is key to our ability to attract and retain the people we need to deliver our Performance Ambition.

Our markets

Europe comprises Great Britain, Ireland and Continental Europe (including Iberia, France, Germany and the Europe Partner markets distribution businesses), while Russia and Turkey are standalone markets. Europe is managed as a single market with country teams focusing on sales and customer marketing execution.

Supply operations

The International Supply Centre (ISC) comprises the supply operations in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Italy. The group owns 29 whisky distilleries in Scotland, a Dublin based brewery, maturation and packaging facilities in Scotland, England, Ireland and Italy. The ISC ships whisky, vodka, gin, rum, beer, wine, cream liqueurs, and other spirit-based drinks to over 180 countries. Through our £1 billion investment in Scotch whisky production and inventory, announced in 2012, distilling capacity has increased by over 25%. Raki, vodka and wine are produced at a number of sites in Turkey and Smirnov vodka and other local brands are produced in Russia.

Route to consumer

In Great Britain we sell and market our products through Diageo GB (spirits, beer and ready to drink) and Justerini & Brooks Retail (wines private clients). Products are distributed through independent wholesalers and directly to retailers. In the on-trade, products are sold through major brewers, multiple retail groups and smaller regional independent brewers and wholesalers. On 1 January 2016 we sold our Percy Fox wines distribution business. In the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, Diageo sells and distributes directly to the on-trade and the off-trade as well as wholesalers. In Continental Europe, we distribute our spirits brands primarily through our own distribution companies, apart from France where products are sold through a joint venture arrangement with Moët Hennessy and Europe Partner markets where we use third party distributors. Europe Partner Markets distributes our beer brands in mainland Europe, focusing on Germany, Russia and France, our largest mainland European beer markets. In Russia we operate through wholly owned subsidiaries. In Turkey, we sell our products via the distribution network of Mey İçki, our wholly owned subsidiary. Mey İçki distributes both local brands (raki, other spirits and wine) and Diageo’s global spirits brands.

Sustainability and Responsibility

Promoting responsible drinking is both a key issue and a key strength for us, in a region where concern over harmful drinking is high on the public agenda. The work we are doing in support of the Global Producers’ Commitments includes partnering with industry colleagues on a responsible marketing pact, as well as our own responsible drinking programmes. This work makes an important contribution to the promotion of alcohol as part of a balanced lifestyle, while also enhancing our reputation. This reputational aspect is essential in a region where people increasingly want to work for companies that they believe make a positive social and environmental, as well as economic, contribution. Our manufacturing operations, notably our distilleries in Scotland and our Guinness brewery in Ireland, aim for leadership in safety standards and environmental sustainability.